Trudeau Lectures Italian PM On ‘Two-Spirit’ Issues

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an inflated view of his wisdom and importance. Previously seen in his high-handed treatment of protesters resisting state overreach during the pandemic, now he stoops to scold other heads of state on issues that are none of his concern.

Particularly, Trudeau by his own admission grilled Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni over LGBT rights in her country during the G7 summit in Japan.

In a statement from his office, he acknowledged the two leaders “exchanged views on the importance of protecting and defending human rights, including the rights of LGBT people.”

Canada has an official alphabet soup definition of LGBT that is quite long and includes “two-spirit” individuals.

Meloni won her country’s 2022 election on a platform of opposing the breakdown of family values, abortion, and radical gender ideology. According to CTV News, Trudeau told her that Canada has concerns over some Italian positions on LGBT rights.

She responded by pointing out that her government abides by court decisions and has not diverted from previous administrations.

Meloni’s government in January blocked a legal loophole that permitted mayors and other officials to award legal guardianship for same-gender parents. The Italian high court previously ruled that same-gender parents may only be recognized if a child is adopted.

This, of course, led to backlash from opposition groups and the European Union. It also initiated lecturing by Trudeau that clearly agitated Meloni.

The Italian leader took a shot at Trudeau’s stand before leaving the summit in Japan. Meloni said the Canadian was “the victim of fake news” when journalists asked her about his statements on Italian policy.

She noted her view that Trudeau was a “bit rash” in his commentary but that progress had likely been made. Meloni believed that the prime minister likely determined that what gets written about her government is not always correct.

Legislation that already existed in Italian law on LGBT issues has not been changed under her leadership. Italian law does not recognize same gender parents, and Meloni asserted in the past that every child is born with the right to a mother and father.

She further confirmed her stand that people who believe they are a gender other than that which they were born into are being swayed by ideology and not science.

In a March magazine interview, Meloni said that “being a man or a woman is rooted in who we are, and cannot be changed.”

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