Cruz Demands Defunding Of NPR After Whistleblower Revelations

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has had enough of National Public Radio (NPR). After a whistleblower recently revealed the depths of liberal bias at the outlet, the senator called for taxpayer support to cease.

For all the leftist drivel that spews from the mainstream media, at least there’s the consolation that supporting these outlets is purely voluntary. That cannot be said for NPR, which relies heavily on taxpayer dollars to fund its mission to tell Americans how to think.

Though NPR attempted to deflect attention from the revelations, Cruz did not buy the outlet’s explanation. On Friday, the Republican demanded the defunding of the arrogant left-wing channel.

Cruz appeared on “The Verdict” podcast with co-host Ben Ferguson Friday to discuss the allegations leveled by Berliner. The senator in no uncertain terms called for action. “I would eliminate the funding for NPR tomorrow,” he declared before adding that it is “the right thing to do.”

The Texas Republican correctly asserted that Washington “shouldn’t be in the business of funding NPR.”

The issue is, according to Cruz, that every Democrat is 100% behind supporting the left-wing outlet. “If you’re a leftist, why wouldn’t you be willing to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund a propaganda outlet for your view?”

NPR Senior Editor and current whistleblower Uri Berliner has spent 25 years with the network before blowing the lid off what most already knew.

He is a Peabody Award-winning journalist who found himself increasingly disturbed by the hard-left reporting from the taxpayer-supported outlet. Berliner said that the NPR culture pushed race and identity as “paramount in nearly every aspect of the workplace.”

But to hear the allegations from an insider was truly revealing.

Among those was that the left-wing nature of NPR became much more extremist after the 2016 election of Republican Donald Trump. The network along with most of the American liberal establishment simply assumed that Democrat Hillary Clinton would become the next president.

Cruz and Ferguson marveled at how much the taxpayer-funded NPR was “trying to damage [Trump’s] presidency,” to the point of attempting to dig up anything to harm him.

This included not only pushing the thoroughly debunked Russian collusion narrative, but also blatantly ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

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