NASA: Object That Fell Through Florida Home Is ‘Space Debris’

An object that fell through the roof of a Florida home last month has been identified as “space debris,” according to officials.

On Monday, April 15, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that the previously unidentified object was part of the International Space Station’s equipment. The cylinder-shaped debris, which has commonly been referred to as the “mystery object” in new reports over the past several weeks, was identified following an examination at the Kennedy Space Center.

According to information released by NASA, the metal object is a support piece intended to function within disposable batteries on a cargo pallet. In 2021, part of the pallet was not destroyed as expected upon entering the atmosphere of the Earth. Instead, it survived its launch from the space station.

The debris was four inches high and 1.5 inches long, weighing just over one and a half pounds. The confirmation of where the object came from followed the launch of a probe conducted by NASA to determine if it had come from the International Space Station.

Less than two weeks after Josh Finch, a spokesperson for the agency, told the media that it was sent to Cape Canaveral, Florida, for inspection, the object was confirmed to be a rare case of space debris that had survived its impact into Earth’s atmosphere.

The object fell through the Naples home of Alejandro Otero on March 8, breaking through the ceiling and almost two floors of the building. At the time, the Otero family suspected the piece was from space and sought answers as to who was responsible for repairing the considerable damage to their house.

Speaking to a local reporter from WINK, Otero explained that he learned about the incident from his son, who was home alone at the time. Upon arriving at the house, the boy’s father found the ceiling and floors of his home damaged by the metal object. Otero described how his son “heard it all,” having been “two rooms over” when the piece tore through the house.

He added that he “was shaking” and “in disbelief” that the piece had landed in his house “with such force to cause so much damage.” Nobody was injured during the incident, and Otero emphasized that he is “super grateful” no harm was done except to the house.

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