Trump: Biden’s Weakness On Iran Strikes ‘Unbelievable’

Former President Donald Trump blasted the Biden administration for its obvious weakness in the face of the rapidly expanding Middle East crisis. Iran, he declared, would never have attacked Israel as it did over the weekend during his administration.

Trump told a Pennsylvania rally Saturday, “I want to say God bless the people of Israel. They’re under attack right now. That’s because we show great weakness.”

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee called the lack of strength displayed by the Biden White House “unbelievable.” He added that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist massacre of Israeli citizens would have been avoided.

Trump pledged to the enthusiastic audience that there is one sure way to restore U.S. leadership.

He vowed, “We will return the world to peace through strength and it’ll happen very quick. We’ll revive American strength abroad and we will restore American strength at home.”

The 45th president correctly noted that the nation was respected across the globe four years ago. “Today we are considered a joke. It’s not going to be for long, believe me.”

Trump posted on his Truth Social platform Saturday, ‘ISRAEL IS UNDER ATTACK! This should never have been allowed to happen — This would NEVER have happened if I were president!”

A reporter asked Biden on Friday about the chances of an Iranian attack on Israel in retaliation for the strike on the Damascus consulate. The Democrat attempted to appear strong as rumors swirled of an impending strike.

He replied, “We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel. We will defend, help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed.”

But a followup question to the president revealed more about the true White House position. When asked about his message to Tehran, Biden simply said, “Don’t” and walked away.

That admonition apparently failed.

Trump’s declaration that the Iranian attack and other recent atrocities could have been avoided rang true to most Republicans. While Democrats warned that the former president would initiate WWIII, Trump engaged global leaders from a position of strength and confidence.

This translated into an extended period of peace that was rudely interrupted only after Biden was inaugurated.

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