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Republican Watch is a sentinel for traditional Americans. In a world full of news covered from a biased perspective, we present news and politics in a manner respectful of our trusted law enforcement officers, and with respect to the lives of the unborn. If you’re ready to stay informed without any sort of spin, Republican Watch is here for you.

We know traditional Americans are hard-working people with busy, full lives. Family caretaking, faith-based activities, and careers take up a lot of time. That’s why we summarize and report the news you need to stay informed and make complete decisions at the voting booth.

The Republican Watch Mission

Republican Watch has a mission of vigilance. We capture, collect, and curate the most honest and accurate news from reputable sources to produce summaries of breaking news events and politics at home and abroad. You can rely on us for frequent updates while you go about your busy life. We keep watch so you can have the information you need to protect your family, your faith, and your conservative values.

Commitment to Quality News

Republican Watch provides a comprehensive view of American news, culture, and politics at home and abroad — while respecting the fearless dedication of the men and women who serve in the military, in first responder medical roles, and as trusted, respected law enforcement officers in our communities. We promise to provide news without the bias you’ll find prevalent in other media sources.


Our News section focuses on up-to-date news, summarized from a fair and honest perspective. We filter unfair bias from news reporting and are up front about cultural trends that could serve as a threat to your family. We are not afraid to be up front about a pro-life, pro gun ownership perspective, providing news about border control, the right to life, and Constitutional freedoms such as the right to worship and speak freely.


The team covering culture is incredibly focused on the way politics, geopolitical events, and others shape the movements the American people choose to become a part of. The movement of not just political figures, but icons and entertainers can have a huge impact on the way we act, absorb information, enjoy art, and so much more.


Our Politics category focuses on legislation and policy, foreign and domestic. It’s critical for Americans to know what our leaders are doing around the world and in their home states. Politics is your gateway to knowing when rights are threatened — be they personal freedoms, the rights of the unborn, or states’ rights.

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