Trump May Miss Barron’s Graduation For Bogus Trial

The jury selection process in the so-called “hush money” case against former President Donald Trump began on Monday for a trial that may prevent the 45th president from attending his son Barron’s high school graduation scheduled in May. His legal team asked the judge for the day so Trump could see his son walk across the stage, but the judge did not grant his request.

As the New York Supreme Court prepared for preliminary questioning of witnesses, Judge Juan Merchan announced that he received requests from Trump’s lawyers asking for the former president to be absent for the trial on May 17, so he can travel to Florida to see Barron Trump graduate from high school.

Merchan said that he would not make an immediate decision regarding Trump’s request to miss the trial for the day or move its proceedings to a different day. “It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial,” Merchan said.

The one-term Republican president was popular among blue-collar supporters and military families throughout his first campaign and term as president. But the establishment political class in Washington, D.C., and the corporate media, as well as the police bureaucrats of the deep state, were especially fierce in their opposition to the conservative populist president.

As a result, Donald Trump is now the first former president in American history to go on trial in a criminal case. It is a signal of the extreme disdain for Trump’s supporters that the elite opinion makers hold, as well as the dysfunction of America’s hyper-partisan political environment.

In a post on his social media app, Truth Social, Trump wrote, “In Addition to being prohibited from attending my son Barron’s High School Graduation, I have just learned that the highly biased Judge in the Soros ‘appointed’ D.A. Alvin Bragg’s Witch Hunt Case, will not allow me to attend the historic PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY argument in front of [The Supreme Court].”

“This shows such great disdain and disrespect for our Nation’s Highest Court, especially for a topic so important as Presidential Immunity, without which our Country would never be the same!” the former president added.

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