Carlson Kills On The ‘Kill Tony’ Comedy Podcast

On Monday, podcast host Joe Rogan tricked Tucker Carlson, the former #1 Fox News host, into joining him on stage at a comedy show in Austin, Texas.

The weekly “Kill Tony” comedy podcast typically features up-and-coming comedians sharing brief routines at Rogan’s Comedy Mothership Club in Austin.

According to a report in the Daily Caller, approximately 30 minutes into Monday’s show, host Tony Hinchcliffe invited Rogan and Carlson to take the stage and serve on the panel of judges for performing comedians.

The venue erupted in cheers when Hinchcliffe introduced the surprise guests. Patrons cheered all the more when Rogan said, “Tucker had no idea this was going on till about 30 seconds ago. He had no idea he was going on stage; he’s just finding out right now.”

Rogan and a cheering audience persuaded Carlson to join comedian panelists Jim Norton and Brian Redban.

A surprised Carlson corroborated Rogan’s statement: “We were literally at dinner, and he’s [Rogan] like, ‘I wanna show you my new place.’ And we were standing backstage, and I didn’t know I was coming out till I heard my name.”

The Daily Caller reported that Hinchcliffe asked Carlson, a first-time panelist, what he thought about comedian Enrique Chacon, who performed just before being called to the stage.

Carlson replied that he watched a lot of stand-up comedy and said, “I love this man.”

Chacon, a former “Golden Buzzer” winner and Texas resident, responded: “Thank you, Tucker. Maybe in return you could get me a green card.”

The comedian added: “I’ll do any gig in this country, but outside the country I have to hit up my man Tucker, you know what I mean?”

Friendly banter ensued. “You’re already taking jobs Americans can’t do,” Carlson joked.

Chacon responded in jest: “I was going to vote for you, but you know what? You lost a good one here, but actually, I can’t vote.”

Carlson humorously clarified: “I meant it as a compliment!”

Hinchcliffe joined in saying, “Vote for him? Wait, hold on, Enrique, who do you think Tucker Carlson is?”

The audience enjoyed the interplay, which ebbed and flowed through the evening as different comedians engaged with Carlson.

Mediaite reported that comedian Kam Patterson joked that his grandmother hated Carlson.

When Tucker said, “She doesn’t mean it,” Patterson doubled down, claiming she hated him and his dog, too.

Rogan, who once claimed Charlson was a “lightning rod for hate”, busted out in laughter at the exchange.

Tucker has a history of witty and comedic comments. The Fox News anchor famously roasted CNN hosts on ‘Gutfeld’ in 2022. That episode garnered 3.4 million views.

Carlson ended the night laughing, thanking contestants and describing himself to the crowd as an “unemployed talk show host.”

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