Biden Administration Denies RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection Again

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been denied Secret Service protection during his run for the presidency for the fifth time by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed the denial in a letter, which has drawn sharp criticism of the administration for what appears to be blatant political bias.

Kennedy’s campaign received the denial notice on March 28. Secretary Mayorkas stated that Kennedy does not meet the criteria for Secret Service protection after consulting an advisory committee including the Senate Sergeant at Arms and members of Congress.

Aaron Siri, Kennedy’s lawyer, responded with a letter to Mayorkas on March 29. Siri argued the decision was “clearly politically motivated” and highlighted the safety risks to Kennedy including an incident involving an armed individual at one of his events.

Kennedy shared Siri’s letter on X, formerly Twitter, and criticized Mayorkas for protecting President Joe Biden from his competition, Kennedy, in the upcoming election.

Secret Service protection is typically provided to candidates who declare their candidacy and face credible threats. For third-party candidates, an additional criterion requires polling at 20% or higher nationally for at least 30 days.

As of the latest polls, Kennedy’s support stands at 11.7%. While this is below the usual threshold for third-party candidates, the DHS Secretary has broad discretion to override this based on other factors.

Showcasing the unfairness and vindictive nature of this punitive move, Mayorkas — recently coming off a historic impeachment — won’t grant secret service protections to Kennedy, a viable candidate growing in the polls against his incumbent challenger for the liberal vote, but granted protections to longshot candidate for the GOP nomination Nikki Haley, who all serious analysts saw as a nonstarter for the nomination.

The Biden administration’s willingness to use its power to hurt its enemies has become apparent to all close observers. But this blatant and dangerous refusal of protection to a competitor whose father and uncle were both assassinated for their political activities will surely raise eyebrows even among casual observers.

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