Nebraska Legislature Approves Ban On Transgender Surgery For Minors

On Friday, the Nebraska state legislature approved one bill covering two major conservative issues — banning dangerous, irreversible transgender surgeries for minors and restricting abortion.

Nebraska’s unicameral legislature approved the “Let Them Grow Act” with a supermajority vote of 33-15, successfully overcoming a filibuster from Democrats.

The bill was initially introduced as a ban on gender transition surgeries, puberty blockers and hormone treatments for minors — specifying the age restriction for these procedures as anyone under 19. While Democrats refer to these procedures as “gender-affirming care,” the true impact of these procedures is concerning — with many critics pointing to studies that show that they are actually mutilating and often permanently sterilizing children.

Meanwhile, an amendment was introduced last week by Republican state Sen. Ben Hansen to expand the bill to protect the lives of children still inside the womb. The amendment bans abortion procedures after 12 weeks, with limited exceptions.

Nebraska Democrat Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb spoke out against the legislation, calling anyone who supports it “extremists.”

“The extremists showed the entire state that they are pro-life in name only since they can’t seem to lift a finger helping kids and families, all they can do is play to the worst of culture wars meant to demean and divide,” Kleeb claimed.

Protests erupted outside of the state capitol while lawmakers were voting on the bill, with the activists chanting leftist slogans.

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen signaled that he planned to sign the Let Them Grow Act, issuing a statement in support of the bill soon after it passed.

“All children deserve a chance to grow and live happy, fruitful lives. This includes pre-born boys and girls, and it includes children struggling with their gender identity,” he said. “These kids deserve the opportunity to grow and explore who they are and want to be, and they can do so without making irreversible decisions that should be made when they are fully grown.”

The 12-week abortion ban will take effect the day after the governor signs the legislation, while the ban on transgender procedures for minors will take effect on October 1.

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