House Report Reveals Biden’s Minimal Immigration Enforcement

In a revelation that has sparked concern among conservatives, House Republicans on Monday released a report indicating an alarming lack of deportations under Joe Biden’s administration. The findings suggest a departure from promised immigration enforcement, suggesting that the Biden administration is not fulfilling its responsibilities in protecting U.S. borders and ensuring domestic security.

The report front the House Judiciary Committee, titled “The Biden Border Crisis: New Data and Testimony Show How the Biden Administration Opened the Southwest Border and Abandoned Interior Immigration Enforcement,” was unveiled by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA).

The crux of the study reveals that over 99% of the illegal immigrants released into the U.S. from January 2021 to March 2023 under Biden’s watch remained within the country’s borders. Specifically, out of approximately 2.1 million aliens released into the U.S., a mere 5,993 were removed. These numbers starkly illustrate what the Republicans describe as “virtually no enforcement of our immigration laws.”

In a statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the House Judiciary Committee remarked, “Thanks to relentless efforts by the Committee and its Immigration Subcommittee, Biden’s DHS has finally caved and provided crucial data on the border crisis.” This assertion underscores the persistence required to obtain this data from an administration that, critics argue, appears less than transparent regarding its border enforcement activities.

Perhaps more concerning than the sheer number of illegal immigrants is the lack of due diligence in their processing. According to the report, a vast majority of individuals labeled as asylum seekers by DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas were not screened to verify their persecution claims. A staggering 94% of these individuals weren’t assessed, raising questions about the veracity of their asylum claims. The report suggests that this low “credible fear standard” incentivizes mass illegal immigration, stating many are likely “economic migrants and not asylum seekers fleeing persecution.”

The statistics also exclude recent influxes, notably the surge following the expiration of Title 42 in May and other subsequent spikes at the border.

Adding to these concerns is a recent revelation posted by Fox News’ Bill Melugin on the X platform. According to Melugin, internal data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showed thousands of “special interest aliens” — individuals from countries that either harbor or favor terrorism — have been apprehended by Border Patrol in the last two years. Countries of origin include Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Border Patrol sources expressed “extreme concerns” due to the challenge of vetting these individuals, given the lack of shared data between their home countries and the U.S.

The public must understand these findings. They provide insight into the realities of border control and highlight potential oversights that could compromise U.S. security. The balance between humanitarian concerns and national security is delicate. Still, it’s undeniable that a country must ensure the safety of its citizens with a stable and protected border.

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