University ‘Suspends’ Investigation Into Rioters Holding Riley Gaines Hostage

San Francisco State University (SFSU) Police have issued a statement announcing that they suspended their investigation into the vicious leftist mob that attacked former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines and held her hostage for several hours after she gave a speech at the campus.

In April 2023, Gaines appeared at SFSU to give a speech about her experience competing against Lia Thomas, a man who claims to be a woman, in the NCAA Championships.

After Gaines concluded her speech, radical leftist activists burst into the room — rushing the podium and forcing Gaines to hide in a barricaded room to keep her safe from the violent mob outside, who were screaming at the top of their lungs.

Gaines posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, about the incident — revealing that she had been “ambushed and physically hit twice by a man.”

Despite video evidence showing the mob attacking Gaines, harassing her and even holding her hostage as she feared for her life, the SFSU Police issued a statement claiming that Gaines’ allegations against the mob were “unfounded.”

Gaines spoke with police after the incident and recounted the terrifying feeling of being held hostage by the violent activists, revealing that she could hear the mob debating outside the door, “negotiating a price I had to pay each of them to leave to be able to make it home safe to see my family.”

She described everything that happened that day in detail to the police, and campus law enforcement told her that they would send her security footage to review, but they never did. Instead, the SFSU Police demanded that she fly back to California to give more interviews and repeat her story again. Gaines said no, as they already had her account of the events and had plenty of footage to support her claims. The SFSU Police then chose to suspend the investigation.

“This just encourages what happened to me to happen to other people because the precedent has now been set. We don’t see this happening to liberal speakers or to anyone with a dissenting viewpoint to that of my own,” Gaines noted in response to the investigation being suspended.

“The police have finally informed me the case has been suspended as all charges are ‘alleged’ & ‘unfounded’ I guess audio, video, & eyewitness evidence aren’t admissible in SF,” Gaines wrote in a post on X.

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