Border Crisis Escalates In San Diego Sector

Sources with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported the apprehension of 2,000 illegal aliens in the San Diego sector on Wednesday alone, with 206 of them being Chinese nationals. This figure stands out in a month when San Diego led the nine southern border sectors in illegal crossings.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond emphasized that human smugglers now view California, particularly the San Diego sector, as the path of least resistance. “Border Patrol has inadvertently become the ‘Uber’ for migrants entering San Diego County,” Desmond stated. Videos shared on X, formerly Twitter, by resident Cory Gautereaux this week show thousands of migrants crossing into the county.

The rise in the number of Chinese nationals crossing illegally has been particularly notable. According to CBP data, more than 24,000 Chinese nationals have been encountered in the San Diego Sector so far this fiscal year, more than doubling last year’s total. The national figure is also approaching a record, with nearly 42,000 illegal entries.

This surge comes despite efforts by other states like Texas to tighten security, pushing more crossings to the less fortified areas of California. Sources suggest that smugglers exploit these vulnerabilities, moving their operations westward. Most Chinese nationals reportedly enter Mexico via the Tijuana airport, following smugglers’ directions to cross into the U.S., with some paying up to $35,000 for these illegal services.

San Diego has received significant federal funding aimed at assisting migrants. Over $39 million in Shelter and Services Program funding was recently announced, part of which was awarded to the county and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego County. Desmond pointed out that money will unfortunately only go to promote even more illegal migration. He described the programs being funded as a “concierge service to get migrants to their destinations across the United States.”

The increasing number of Chinese illegal migrants now choosing the San Diego Sector as their best option for entering the U.S. points to the sophisticated network of human smuggling that exploits gaps in border enforcement. As Border Patrol assets are stretched ever thinner by the Biden White House, traffickers are attracted to the less guarded sectors like San Diego — especially attractive because of the hospitality provided by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) at the expense of his constituents.

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