LA Mansion Seized By Squatters, Turned Into Adult Content Studio

A squatter out of Los Angeles managed to create a fake lease for an OnlyFans model after breaking into the house and replacing the locks.

The real estate agent for the house, Emily Randall Smith, became aware of the squatters in January after visiting the home with her husband to begin an open house and discovering modified aspects of the house.

“We walked up to the property and the lock box was cut off. And there was a mailbox someone had ordered and put up. Like that was very weird, that was not here before,” Randall Smith, the agent’s husband, said.

Upon further inspection of the home, the couple managed to spot a squatter in the house and called authorities for assistance. Unfortunately, the police arrived and were unable to remove the person from the property.

Things didn’t end there as a second call was made to authorities who then greeted a woman at the door of the mansion. The women claimed to have paid rent for the house, confusing the officers at the scene.

Clarification was eventually found as it was discovered the man who initially broke into the L.A. mansion created a fake lease for the home and had begun renting rooms out to different adult models to craft their product.

Numerous large parties had also been hosted here during the estimated two weeks the 7-bedroom home was illegally occupied.

While the situation was already a nightmare enough for the real estate agent, upon removal of the Onlyfans models their nightmare only continued.

“There was poop and pee everywhere. They cut all the cords to all the security systems, they brought in new Wi-Fi. They were planning to sit there and move there,” Mrs. Smith stated. “It’s just a really eerie feeling to feel that somebody went into your property and tried to live there and make it their home.”

The 11,000-square-foot home was garnished with garbage throughout the home and puppy pads that were overflowing with excrement.

The situation was ultimately resolved with three individuals being detained and cited for trespassing but ultimately no arrests were made for the incident. Mrs. Smith is hoping for the ringleader to eventually be caught and arrested.

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