Poll Shows Trump Trouncing Haley In South Carolina

A recent poll showed former President Donald Trump leading former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) in South Carolina ahead of the scheduled GOP presidential primary in the state on Feb. 24, 2024.

A survey by FAU/Mainstreet Research revealed that among likely Republican voters planning to participate in the upcoming South Carolina Republican presidential primary, 67% said they would support the former president, compared to 22% who announced their support for Haley. Just 7% of respondents were unsure who they’d vote for.

The survey, taken the first week of February 2024, was comprised of 679 individuals in South Carolina. Its results coincide with a poll recently released by CBS News, showing Trump defeating Haley in the state by 35 percentage points.

Regarding the CBS News survey, Breitbart News reported that the poll results indicate that Haley holds no advantage in her home state, given that 75% of likely Republican voters say that her previous occupation of the governor’s mansion makes “no difference” to them.

Only 20% of respondents said Haley’s former role makes them “more likely to vote for her,” while 5% said it would make them “less likely to vote for her.”

The CBS News survey showed that 76% of GOP voters believe Haley is not a part of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

Trump has criticized Haley on social media, saying she is underperforming in polls. The former South Carolina governor lost the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

Despite this, she plans to remain in the GOP presidential primary race through Super Tuesday, even if she loses the upcoming primary in her home state.

“Tricky Nikki is CRASHING in the Polls. She is 15 points down to Crooked Joe Biden, and I’m crushing him in all polls,” the former president said on Truth Social, adding that Haley has “no reason to make it to the South Carolina Primary.”

“The other day, she had almost no people attend her ‘rally’ (We had thousands and thousands who couldn’t even get into the large arena), an embarrassment to her wonderful husband, in Africa. I think he should come back home to help save her dying campaign,” he added.

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