Released Hamas Captive Related To Biden Appointee

A substantial breakthrough occurred on Sunday after Hamas made a hostage exchange with Israel and released seventeen captives. One of them, the only American released, is Abigail Edan aged 4, who is a dual citizen of both Israel and America.

Following her release, a link has been discovered between Abigail Edan and Liz Hirsh Naftali, a member of the Biden administration and nominee for the U.S. Commission of Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. The connection between Edan and her great-aunt Liz Hirsh Naftali, adds a significant political element to the Hamas narrative.

Besides her current position, she was previously a member of Biden’s National Finance Committee and served as the deputy finance chair for the Democratic National Committee. It is important to note that Naftali was in the news earlier this year as reports emerged that she had bought one of Hunter Biden’s paintings from an art gallery in Los Angeles.

Naftali and her daughter Noa said that when Abigail Edan was reunited with her family, it was very emotional. According to The Washington Post, she claimed “We hoped and we prayed” this day would come. She concluded her statement with “We are so incredibly grateful that Abigail will soon be coming home! There are no words to express our relief.”

Abigail’s tragic ordeal started when she was kidnapped and taken to Gaza after witnessing the brutal murder of her parents during the Hamas massacre on October 7. Surprisingly, she was still in captivity on her fourth birthday and there was another tragic twist to her eventual release.

Joe Biden, knowing how delicate Abigail’s case was, said, “After Abigail’s release, I talked to her family, and we worked very closely together with our Israeli partners, to make sure Abigail gets the help and support she needs as she begins to recover from this unspeakable trauma.”

Despite this positive development, the broader context reveals that 8 or 9 Americans are still being held in Hamas custody, as confirmed by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. At this point, however, the only hostage released along with Abigail thus far is 25-year-old Roni Kriboy, who holds dual Russian-Israeli citizenship.
Hamas, however, attributed his release to Moscow’s engagement with the group during the war. Abigail Edan’s release signifies an important milestone; however, questions linger about the broader diplomatic implications and political ramifications for the Biden Administration.

While making an appearance on Newsmax’s “Newsline,” political analyst Daniel Lippman noted that the political rewards Biden may receive may only follow after the release of all American hostages. The release of Abigail Edan coupled with political links of Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, brings relief and doubts regarding the connection between President Joe Biden and Hamas.

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