‘Irish Lives Matter’ Sign Condemned By Irish Government

Mass-scale protests have taken Ireland by storm after a woman and three children were fatally stabbed outside a primary school in Dublin, resulting in the Irish government enacting so-called “hate speech laws,” which correspond to phrases such as “Irish Lives Matter.”

The stabbing was allegedly committed by an Algerian foreign national. As such, many Irish individuals have taken to the streets to protest illegal immigration. Several Irishmen in Northern Ireland recently wrote a graffiti message in Belfast that read, “Irish Lives Matter,” which the Irish government labeled as a “hate incident.”

The situation in Northern Ireland comes less than seven days after protests against immigration took place in Dublin, Ireland.

The BBC reported that a sign near Tildarg Avenue stated that Belfast residents “will no longer accept the re-housing of illegal immigrants.” Irish police said the billboard used an “offensive term” directed toward “other communities.”

Irish police later stumbled upon a sign with the words “Irish Lives Matter,” which is being treated “as a hate incident” by law enforcement, according to a spokesperson for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Andrew Matson.

Ireland’s leftist politicians didn’t take the words “Irish Lives Matter” too kindly.
An MP for People Before Profits, Gerry Caroll, condemned the sign, saying there is “no place in our society for this kind of racist poison.”

“We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan which is directly counterpoised to movements against the oppression faced by Black people and other ethnic minorities,” Carroll said.

Like Carroll, another MP for Sinn Mein, Paul Maskey, denounced the “Irish Lives Matter” sign and urged Irish citizens to “stand together to continue building a safe, welcoming and inclusive society for all.”

Some conservatives in Ireland argued that the government’s opposition to pro-Ireland signs signals its radicalism and weaponization.

“If saying ‘Irish lives matter’ in Ireland is a hate crime, that’s the definition of a conquered nation,” conservative commentator Auron Macintyre argued on X, formerly known as Twitter.”

The recent events in Ireland signal the danger of illegal immigration and the need for the U.S. to secure its borders, which the Biden administration has refused to do.

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