Ray Dalio Warns Of 35-40% Chance Of Civil War In US

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio founder of Bridgewater Associates believes the United States faces a significant risk of civil war. In an interview with the Financial Times, Dalio estimated the probability of such strife erupting at between 35% and 40%.

“We are now on the brink,” Dalio said. He pointed to the upcoming presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as a crucial litmus test that will determine whether risks spiral out of control.

A Rasmussen poll conducted in April suggested 41% of likely U.S. voters believe they will experience a civil war within the next five years.

Dalio emphasized the importance of accepting democratic rules and working well under them. He suggested investing only in “the best parts of the United States” where innovation and capitalism thrive while moving the rest of one’s money to more stable and attractive jurisdictions abroad.

Countries with strong balance sheets internal order and neutrality in geopolitical conflicts look attractive to Dalio. He named India Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam and some Gulf states as possible investment destinations.

As the nation grapples with worsening divisions the outcome of the 2024 elections and reactions to it will play a crucial role in determining whether the system can heal itself or if pessimistic predictions of civil strife come to pass.

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