Michigan Now Bans Encouraging Children To Follow Their Gender

Michigan lawmakers decided this week that it is not in the best interest of the state’s children to talk to them about sticking with the biological gender they were born into.

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday signed into law a measure prohibiting this reasonable treatment by therapists. House BIll 4616 prohibits mental health professionals from “engaging in conversion therapy with a minor.”

Of course, convincing young children that they are better suited as something other than their birth gender is perfectly allowable.

The measure passed along with an accompanying amendment, House Bill 4717. This outlaws the practice or treatment by a mental health professional of urging a child to “change behavior or gender expression” or inhibit attraction to members of the same gender.

Democrats were aware that these new laws could be interpreted as also banning attempts to convince impressionable minors to change their gender or follow LGBT ideology. So an addition was inserted.

The new law expressly does not prevent assistance for a “gender transition” or acceptance of a new orientation or lifestyle.

Critics charged the new law will put Michigan doctors in a situation where they are forced to let gender dysphoria go untreated. Instead of encouraging children to be comfortable in their own bodies, they will have to stay silent or play along.

According to The Hill, Republican state Rep. Neil Friske was one of the bill’s detractors. He asserted the measure was too broad and worked against health care professionals.

Friske declared that the statute would make criminals out of care providers who are “simply upholding natural law and refusing to buy into the new age left-wing gender schemes.”

Another Michigan Republican, state Rep. Donni Steele said he could not “in good faith vote for misguided legislation that potentially harms our children.” He asserted that kids should not face such drastic choices and lawmakers should stay out of it.

Before being signed by Gov. Whitmer, the bill passed the Senate with a 56-53 vote and the House by a 21-15 margin.

Whitmer tweeted that the new law makes Michigan “a more welcoming, inclusive place.” There are now 27 states that have a partial or complete ban on conversion therapy on the books.

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