BLM Co-Founder Believes Taylor Swift Fans are ‘Racist’

To be a Taylor Swift fan is “racist,” and the Kansas City Chiefs apparently won the Super Bowl through a vast right-wing conspiracy. That’s the word from Black Lives Matter co-founder Melina Abdullah.

Just when it seemed groups like BLM, Antifa and leftists in general could not get more silly, this new revelation proves that assumption dead wrong.

Abdullah teaches Pan-African Studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, and she developed a fixation on pop sensation Taylor Swift. This began to manifest on Super Bowl Sunday when she cast Swifties, the singer’s legions of fans, as “racist.”

Abdullah posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?”

When a user asked the professor for clarification, she explained her feeling is similar to the one she gets “when there are too many American flags.” So now it’s Swift and the Star Spangled Banner?

Then it got even better. After the Chiefs rallied for the win over San Francisco, Abdullah posted, “Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, White supremacist conspiracy?”

Of course, the Chiefs’ victory had nothing to do with Patrick Mahomes or the 49ers inexplicably forgetting to run the ball in the third quarter. No, it was all a plot to thrust Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce and his pop star girlfriend even more into the spotlight.

Abdullah, to be clear, is not only a professor. She described herself as a BLM organizer, Pan-Africanist, Hip Hop scholar, daughter of God, womanist, truth-teller, and mama.

In the same post that she slammed Swifties and Kansas City’s victory, a user commented, “Literally everything is racist.”

The scholar simply replied, “Indeed!”

A few hours later, after negative responses continued to pour in, Abdullah dug her hole even deeper. “Folks think they’re attacking me by asking why I think everything is racist…I’m not offended. Virtually everything is racist.”

The professor and ridiculousness often go hand in hand. In 2022, she posted on X that White people should avoid Juneteenth celebrations as it is “freedom day for Black folks.”

Abdullah added that the day should be reparations day for White folks.

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