Wisconsin Pushes For Driver’s Licenses For Illegals

Leftists are attempting to bestow more privileges to illegals in the state of Wisconsin. The Democrat city board of supervisors in Milwaukee is pushing to provide driver’s licenses to “undocumented” immigrants.

Last fall, the city that has had three socialist mayors passed such a resolution. It was part of a broader campaign led by Gov. Tony Evers (D) to provide licenses for illegals statewide.

Gov. Evers, in turn, is teaming with a leftist dark money group called Voces De La Frontera or “Voices From the Border” in his efforts. This organization — whose website is in Spanish — advocates for citizenship for all illegals.

The driver’s license issue hits a specific nerve for many due to the disproportionate number of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) crimes perpetrated by illegals. One hundred fifty Democrats in the U.S. House last month voted against a bill that would have made drunk driving a deportable offense for illegals. In a tragic bit of irony, an illegal immigrant in Wisconsin killed a man via DUI just days later.

President Biden himself does not believe DUI is a reason for deportation. He has threatened to fire Border Agents who deport illegals caught committing DUI.

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) stated in a Restoration News interview: “They already broke the law by entering our country illegally; they shouldn’t be rewarded with a driver’s license.

What next, voting rights?” The congressman may have had facetious intent in his statement — but voting rights are clearly one of the purposes behind the push to create “documented undocumented immigrants.”

The issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals is hardly new ground for liberals. Nineteen states already do so — and every one of them is Democrat-controlled. This creates a massive security breach for voting, as registration is usually done via the Department of Motor Vehicles in many states. In some states, licenses for both citizens and non-citizens are identical.

Some states such as Florida and Texas have pushed back by introducing bills to render out-of-state licenses issued to illegals void.

An additional travesty is that Illegals who are granted licenses overwhelmingly do not have insurance, meaning they are putting both the lives and finances of law-abiding citizens at risk.

Illegals are increasingly granted rights, privileges, cash benefits and other resources not offered to U.S. citizens. Adding driver’s licenses with no DUI accountability is sure to infuriate voters in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin could play the same role for Trump in 2024 that Florida did for George W. Bush 2000 — and illegal immigration could be the tipping point.

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