Tuberville Reports Ex-CIA Director Over ‘Assassination’ Post

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) reported an X, formally known as Twitter, post by former CIA Director Michael Hayden to Capitol Police.

On Monday, Hayden replied to a post asking if Tommy Tuberville should be removed from his committee with a comment suggesting a broader perspective, “How about the human race?”

Commenters on Hayden’s post widely perceived the statement as an implied call for the Republican’s assassination, a view shared by Tuberville. The senator released a statement on Tuesday, affirming that he had reported Hayden’s comment to Capitol Police.

Tuberville wrote, “This morning, my office was made aware of a statement made by General Michael Hayden calling for a politically motivated assassination. This statement is disgusting, and it is repugnant to everything we believe in as Americans. Given General Hayden’s long career in Washington, he must have known that, by making such a statement, he was committing a serious crime.”

He continued, “His own efforts today to reinterpret what he said are only a tacit admission of guilt. If we still have a nonpolitical justice system in this country, then General Hayden will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My office has reported this incident to the Capitol Police, and I expect that they will once again do an excellent job protecting members of Congress and bringing criminals to justice.”

Hayden, on the other hand, reaffirmed his statement on Tuesday morning, stating, “I was surprised to wake up this morning and discover that many MAGAnuts had lost their minds over my suggestion that ‘Coach’ Tuberville not be considered a member of the human race. I stand by that view. I’m wishing you all a nice day, even the intransigent Tommy Tuberville.”

Tuberville also expressed disappointment that Senate Democrats had not come to his defense denouncing Hayden’s comments.

Tuberville wrote, “I am a conservative and a Republican, but above all, I am an American who cares about this country and is deeply concerned for its future. I am not a politician, and when I came to Washington, I did not expect to be popular among the clown show, but I certainly did not expect to be lied about on the Senate floor and threatened by former government officials like Michael Hayden. Anyone who actually cares about our country must go on the record and condemn his reckless statements.”

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