Texas Gov. Abbott Praises Hochul, Adams On Biden Criticism

In an unusual display of bipartisanship, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday praised New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams — both liberal Democrats.

While visiting Manhattan, Abbott delivered a speech in which he noted that each leader pressured President Joe Biden to decisively act on illegal migration. Both, of course, are under tremendous self-inflicted stress over declarations of “sanctuary” status for illegals.

Abbott is undoubtedly pleased at the results of his program to bus illegal migrants to Democratic strongholds.

It is not often that a plan comes together and shows results as fruitful as what Abbott did to spread the results of illegal migration. After all, many criticized the Texas governor when he began chartering buses to relocate illegals to sanctuary cities.

Though other cities joined the chorus, NYC led the way in complaining about the burden of dealing with Biden’s open border.

Abbott noted this and asked that New York officials join him in calling for the White House to finally secure the southern border. “This is unsustainable,” he told the audience, “And those are the words of your mayor.”

It should be noted that Adams used the word “madman” to describe Abbott in a recent rant about the migrant crisis. He also said that the Big Apple would be “destroyed” if the massive influx of illegals does not end.

Meanwhile, Abbott told the audience that he has only shipped 15,800 migrants to the city. This is far beneath the deluge of over 110,000 as reported by NYC officials to have invaded the city limits.

Officials there do not dispute Abbott’s tally, meaning most of the illegal population arrived from other origins.

The Texas governor said the crisis faced by city residents is “calm and organized” compared to the mayhem endured by border states. They are the entry point to literally millions of unvetted migrants, mostly military age males.

About 2.4 million illegal migrants are expected to cross Biden’s southern border this year.

While criticizing Washington, Mayor Adams took federal authorities to task last week for their claim that 40% of his city’s influx are Venezuelan. That would make them eligible for work permits.

His honor disagreed, displaying a representation showing only 9,500 of current migrants are work eligible. That number shifted in recent days, however, with the city now admitting that as many as 22,000 of its current refugees are Venezuelan.

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