Pentagon Announces No Pay for US Troops Under Looming Shutdown

The government is approaching a shutdown on September 30 at midnight. The Pentagon announced U.S. troops would not receive pay during the shutdown.

U.S. troops will not receive pay if the government shutdown occurs. The more significant issue with this lack of income is that Ukraine will still receive the funding promised to them.

Funding for Ukraine has been an ongoing issue with many Republicans and conservatives. The funding continues to occur even when Americans are not receiving the federal funding they desperately need.

Recently, several politicians have asked for federal funding for various reasons. These funding requests were denied while Ukraine has received over $125 billion in aid.

This lack of funding for Americans and increased financing for Ukraine has not been lost on most citizens. Many citizens oppose further help to Ukraine unless aid is given where it is desperately needed across the U.S.

The government shutdown will not only affect the pay of U.S. troops. The shutdown will also affect certain benefits the troops receive. Post-base services will be limited or closed during the shutdown.

This closure can spell disaster for many military families relying on commissary benefits and other services only available on the military installation.

With a war that could easily include the U.S. military, the choice to fund another country rather than a government facing shutdown is seeking both question and opposition from citizens and politicians.

While the U.S. troops will suffer from the shutdown, the Ukraine will gain several billion dollars to help with their war effort. The funds they will receive will be like previous funds without accountability for where those funds were spent.

The overall impression many have is that the U.S. government is bolstering military and war that is not theirs to fight. While doing so, they leave the U.S. without an adequately funded or paid military.

As of Friday, there was no movement on stopping the government shutdown from occurring.

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