Rolling Stone Is Becoming A Proponent Of Liberal ‘Propaganda’

Rolling Stone is now showing its true colors as a far-left magazine. The magazine was recently accused by music fans of spreading “propaganda” against former President Donald Trump.

The famed magazine, primarily known for its coverage of music, artists, bands, and contemporary culture, received backlash after recently posting a tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, that read, “f— around… find out” alongside images of Trump’s mugshot that the former president took In Fulton County, Georgia.

Users on X slammed Rolling Stone over its anti-Trump post by arguing that the magazine is no longer journalistic, but rather is a proponent of liberalism.

“What happened to music coverage? If I wanted to see political posts like this, I would just follow my creepy college professor or my angry rainbow-haired roommate on Twitter,” one user said, as reported by One America News (OAN).

“Delete your account,” Ultra Right Beer founder Seth Weathers tweeted.

“The same propaganda magazine that put the Boston Marathon bomber on their cover, & called him a ‘popular and promising student’, is now attacking Trump after he was arrested by Fulton County thugs in a politically motivated attack. @RollingStone is in bed with the criminals,” another user wrote.

Since Trump’s mugshot, the former president’s 2024 presidential campaign has garnered over $7 million by selling T-shirts and Mugs bearing Trump’s mugshot on them, according to Fox News.

“Organic money has skyrocketed, especially after President Trump tweeted out the picture along with the website,” Trump’s campaign told Fox News.

Trump’s mugshot comes after he was indicted by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for trying to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Trump is a co-defendant in the case alongside 18 others who also took a mugshot.

This isn’t the first time Rolling Stone has been accused of wrongful reporting or being radical. The magazine recently settled a defamation lawsuit brought forth by a former assistant dean at the University of Virginia, who accused Rolling Stone of publishing false and damaging information regarding a physical violation that took place on campus, OAN reported.

OAN anchors Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers were falsely accused of trying to hide their employment and company affiliations on TikTok, Rolling Stone reported. The magazine’s reporting was unequivocally false given the fact that “One America News” was clearly detailed under the anchors’ video content on TikTok.

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