Black Voices For Trump Leader Denied Bail

Left-leaning media and politicians often decry the justice system’s bias against black Americans, but exceptions arise for Trump supporters like Harrison Floyd, leader of “Black Voices for Trump” and the sole Georgia co-defendant of Donald Trump denied bail.

Former President Trump faced his fourth indictment on August 14 from Fulton County Superior Court, led by District Attorney Fani Willis. Trump, alongside 18 others, including allies Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Floyd and Jeff Clark, is accused of meddling in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump denounced the indictment as part of the ongoing “Witch Hunt” on Truth Social. Mike Davis, Republican legal expert and founder of Article III Project, criticized the charges, condemning the Georgia indictment and labeling all Trump indictments as “dangerous and destructive attacks” on the nation.

Harrison Floyd noted as one of the two black co-defendants in the Georgia indictment, established Black Voices for Trump in 2019. The organization aimed to bolster Trump’s re-election campaign and spotlight accomplishments like record-low black unemployment and the creation of opportunity zones for black Americans during Trump’s tenure.

Due to financial constraints, Floyd had to defend himself during his initial court appearance.

As outlined in the indictment brought forth by District Attorney Fani Willis, Floyd is charged with attempting to exert pressure on an election worker to provide testimony regarding purported ballot manipulation. According to reports, this conversation was witnessed by a police officer.

Judge Emily Richardson categorized him as a flight risk, even though the charges against him are non-violent in nature. This decision was influenced by an additional charge he faces in Maryland for allegedly assaulting an FBI agent. The agent had visited his residence to deliver a subpoena for his testimony in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation.

Another individual with the name Floyd (George) was portrayed as a martyr and victim by Democrats despite his criminal background and probable drug overdose.

Activists aligned with Antifa and Black Lives Matter were defended and praised despite their widespread destruction and violent actions.

On the other hand, Harrison Floyd, who led a group that participated in cleanup efforts after looting by leftist activists during the 2019 Summer of Love and Mostly Peaceful Protests, finds himself incarcerated without bail.

Harrison Floyd, a Marine Corps veteran, will remain in custody at the Fulton County Jail until his trial. Left-leaning criticized this facility, claiming that due to its poor conditions and “squalor,” it’s a place where “nobody” should be held and where individuals often face dire circumstances, even resulting in death.

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