Report: Hunter Biden Drained Daughter’s College Fund For Himself

Recent reports have shed light on more highly questionable financial decisions by Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, as he allegedly withdrew $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s educational savings account amid a self-proclaimed “penultimate odyssey through full-blown addiction.” These allegations have been substantiated by claims from Hunter’s memoir and details unearthed from his abandoned laptop.

On December 17, 2018, Wells Fargo warned Hunter Biden of a critically low account balance. That day, records indicate that Hunter made the controversial decision to transfer funds from Maisy’s savings, overlooking potential early withdrawal penalties. “‘Liquidate what you can’ and ‘Live [love] you both,'” he wrote that day.

This financial maneuver, coming at a time when Maisy was wrapping up her final year of high school, raises eyebrows for its timing. Previously, family members, including the President and First Lady, had attempted to intervene in Hunter’s addiction struggles. Instead of seeking the suggested rehab, Hunter later admitted to using narcotics in a hotel, as detailed in his 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things.”

Further examination of emails and messages from his laptop suggests that portions of the money siphoned from Maisy’s educational account were allocated to personal luxuries and associates. Hunter’s assistant, Katie Dodge, voiced her concerns via email about impending tuition payments for the University of Pennsylvania, the lease of his Porsche 911 and other outstanding bills.

Moreover, IRS Criminal Investigation agent Joseph Ziegler shed light on this questionable activity, testifying before Congress. According to Ziegler, Hunter emptied Maisy’s entire savings and should have reported the income to the IRS.

Delving into these allegations, the IRS discovered Hunter’s decision to raid Maisy’s 529 college savings plan by approximately $39,820. As shown by documents on his laptop, these funds were seemingly funneled into an increasingly reckless lifestyle marked by addiction.

Yet, there are larger implications at play. With the IRS recommending felony charges based on over $52,000 of unreported income, federal prosecutors have instead opted for a misdemeanor tax count for Hunter’s failure to pay approximately $22,860 in taxes on these earnings. Such a decision suggests the influence of the political clout of the Biden family name.

Moreover, IRS investigators Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler allege the Justice Department’s reluctance to thoroughly investigate Hunter, particularly any trails potentially linking financial indiscretions to Joe Biden.

Maisy’s graduation from the University of Pennsylvania this past May was undoubtedly a proud moment for the Biden family. Yet, the shadow of these recent revelations might raise questions about the lengths Hunter Biden went to to fund his lifestyle, even at the potential detriment of his family’s future.

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