Religion Teacher Urged Students To Support Transgender Protests

In an unusual step, a religion teacher at a private Christian school in Virginia encouraged students to march with pro-transgender protests and contribute to organizations supporting radical gender ideology.

This was just days after a transgender shooter killed six at a Christian elementary school in Nashville.

Scott Singer teaches religion at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, a private Episcopalian institution in Alexandria. He addressed an email to high school students on March 31 to recognize the “International Trans Day of Visibility.” Not surprisingly, the message did not go out to parents.

Singer declared it was the responsibility of the Christian school’s student body to “recognize and affirm trans youth.” In his words, “Queer existence is being rendered invisible by force of law across our nation.”

The religion teacher added, “What can we do today to say: I see you? Here are a few ideas!”

The weekend Singer sent the email was scheduled to be marked by transgender protests across the nation. However, the “Trans Day of Vengeance” was canceled over what organizers claimed were threats “to life and safety.”

Notably, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes are part of the National Association of Independent Schools. This organization requires diversity, equity, and inclusion protocols to be in place at member institutions, and that undoubtedly played a role in Singer’s email exhortations to his students.

He added that his pupils could volunteer their time for “amazing” transgender organizations and should “give freely to organizations supporting trans folk.”

The shadow of the Nashville Christian school shooting hung heavy over the time when Singer pushed his students to join forces with the transgender crowd. Despite the efforts of 66 Tennessee Republicans lawmakers to have the shooter’s manifesto revealed, officials continue to stall.

Since shortly after the March 27 shooting, authorities have thrown up every conceivable roadblock and enlisted unlikely allies to prevent Hale’s writings from becoming public.

Even in the light of reactionary gun control measures debated in the state, officials are not shedding light on the shooter’s clearly expressed motivations.

That did not stop a religion teacher at a Christian private school from encouraging his students to support transgender causes. Singer did not hesitate to prop up radical gender ideology, even in the aftermath of a deadly shooting with a seemingly clear connection to his cause.

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