Judge Blocks Donation To Texas Town On The Border

Texas Judge Eddie Trevino blocked a $15,000 donation made to law enforcement. The donation was made by check and was for the Great American Cleanup campaign.

The Great American Cleanup campaign happens each year throughout the United States. Most of the towns that are receiving donations have been southern towns on the border. This donation was no exception.

To pay tribute to the law enforcement officials who are dealing with the migrant crisis every day, the Great American Cleanup campaign made the large donation. The donation was in check form and was presented to the city of Brownsville, Texas.

The check was denied by the city. When it was presented to Judge Trevino, the judge blocked the cashing of the check saying the entire donation and the plan to use it for the border crisis was a political stunt.

This statement seemed odd when compared to his statement two years ago that the border agents and law enforcement needed to bring their resources together to help the crisis at the border.

The intent was to use the money to purchase new equipment to aid in their work at the border. This money was not for the wall, the buoys or any other federal or state funded migrant operation.

The money was to aid with equipment for not only basic police work at the border but also cleaning up trash and debris left behind at the border.

Brownsville, Texas Constable Norman Esquivel had a strong viewpoint regarding the use of the funds and the need to have the check cashed.

“It’s donated to us because of the efforts that we provided, our department, with the Great American Cleanup. We were at the southern border here this weekend, cleaning up the border, the trash that was left behind by illegal immigrants coming into our country,”

Judge Trevino has stuck to his original statement that all of this was for a political show. His statement and view does not take into account previous funding from the campaign and findings they ran across in Brownsville, Texas showing there is a real problem.

Recently, The Great American Cleanup did visit Brownsville. During their trash and debris pickup they located an area that was a clear high traffic area for migrants.

The campaign head and cleanup crew found a tend and ladder near the wall. The area was filled with trash and debris showing that migrants had been trafficking through the area on a consistent basis.

Judge Trevino appears to be caught up in party politics and allowing that to cloud his judgment on this issue. His blockage of the donation is a loud announcement to American’s on the southern border that are trying to make it through this vastly expanding problem.

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