House Republicans To Grill University Leaders Over Campus Antisemitism

House Republicans are set to question the presidents of Northwestern and Rutgers universities on May 23 over their handling of anti-Israel protests and rising antisemitism on their campuses. The hearing titled “Stopping Antisemitic College Chaos” comes amid a wave of demonstrations calling for schools to divest from Israel.

“Over the last several days the presidents of Northwestern and Rutgers have made shocking concessions to the unlawful antisemitic encampments on their campuses” said House Education and Workforce Committee chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC). “They have surrendered to antisemitic radicals in despicable displays of cowardice.”

Northwestern President Michael Schill recently agreed to demands from protesters including scholarships for Palestinian students and faculty posts for Palestinian academics. Protesters have been seen wearing clothing with Hamas imagery and displaying signs depicting Schill who is Jewish with devil horns and blood.

At Rutgers an orthodox Jewish professor resigned citing unchecked antisemitism including demonstrators shouting “Hitler would have loved you” at Jewish students. The face of a Jewish freshman was also featured on a poster urging students to vote for divesting from Israel.

The hearing is part of a broader House Republican effort to combat antisemitism in higher education led by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). “I think we need accountability from top to bottom” Johnson told The Post. “The idea that some of these professors would be involved in this is outrageous and I think they need to be called to account and of course the students as well.”

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