Trump Delivers Pizza To NYC Firefighters After Court Appearance

Former President Donald Trump surprised New York City firefighters with a special delivery of pizza following his full day in court for the Alvin Bragg trial. The Republican presidential hopeful walked through the firehouse doors to cheers and applause from the supportive first responders.

Trump’s visit to the FDNY station marks a return to the same firehouse he visited on September 11, 2021, during the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. One firefighter was heard saying “Sir save us please” while the former president interacted with the group.

The fire department released a statement expressing appreciation for anyone who supports their members regardless of political affiliation. Leaders from various political backgrounds have previously hosted events at the station.

This pizza delivery follows several other campaign stops Trump has made in New York City after court appearances. He recently visited a Harlem bodega to support Jose Alba who faced charges from Bragg after defending himself during a robbery. Trump also stopped by a Midtown job site where union workers chanted “We want Trump.”

Despite the ongoing trial Trump continues to engage with supporters in the city. His visits have been met with enthusiastic crowds chanting their love and support for the former president.

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