Hung Jury In Beating Of Asian Jewelry Store Owner

A jury reached an unexpected impasse after two days of deliberation in the case of a man, captured on video, assaulting an Asian jewelry store owner with a hammer.

The jury watched a horrifying video that depicted suspect Calvin Ushery brutally attacking 68-year-old Chang Suh. Ushery was seen stomping and striking Suh in the head at least a dozen times, including two blows with a hammer.

A mistrial was declared when the jurors informed the judge that they couldn’t come to a unanimous decision in the state’s case against Ushery despite witnessing his attack on Suh.

Ushery faces charges of robbery, assault and other crimes related to the September 2022 robbery of Solid Gold Jewelers in downtown Wilmington. The Delaware Department of Justice spokesperson stated that they would retry the case.

Prosecutors began their case by presenting the jury with the video of the suspect attacking the owner using a hammer. Ushery’s attorney, Matthew Keating, acknowledged that the video was emotionally charged but advised jurors not to rush to judgments, emphasizing that they shouldn’t let their emotions affect their decision-making.

According to Delaware Online, Keating said, “You shouldn’t jump to conclusions.”

Keating highlighted the differences between images from the robbery and the pawn shop, emphasizing that similarity doesn’t necessarily imply equivalence.

During the incident, the assailant initially struck the shop owner with a pistol, causing him to collapse. Subsequently, the robber carefully collected jewelry and placed it in a bag as he went about stealing the items.

Yet the assailant’s brutality didn’t stop there. At intervals, he would revisit the fallen owner, delivering additional blows with a hammer.

Before making his exit, the robber meticulously wiped surfaces in the store, concealing any potential evidence. Throughout the attack, he wore sunglasses and carried a black backpack.

The Korean-American jewelry store owner spent four days in intensive care after the assault and narrowly escaped a tragic fate. Unfortunately, he is currently unable to walk due to the head injury he sustained.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect fleeing the scene on a bicycle. Prosecutors revealed during opening statements that detectives discovered a bicycle matching that description during a search of Ushery’s apartment.

Prosecutors also provided the jury with additional evidence, such as surveillance footage showing the suspect’s attempt to sell substantial quantities of jewelry at two nearby pawn shops approximately one week after the robbery.

Deputy Attorney General Karin Volker emphasized that this was not a random act of theft, saying, “This is not a smash and grab. It is a planned robbery and assault.”

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