Conservatives React To Levine’s Outrageous ‘Wrong Puberty’ Claim

Admiral Rachel Levine, an assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is a transgender man known for his radical leftist views, has recently ignited controversy after suggesting children can undergo a “wrong puberty.” The admiral’s viewpoint has sparked fierce debate and elicited a strong reaction from the public.

During an interview with Juju Chang on ABC News’ “Nightline,” Levine asked the question: “What if one finds themselves going through the wrong puberty? What if, deep inside, they identify as female, but are confronted with the biological changes of male puberty?”

HHS Admiral Rachel Levine Jumps in on Puberty Debate

Levine emphasized the importance of what he termed “gender-affirming care,” which extends to what he refers to as “medical, mental health, and suicide prevention measures.”

Levine, a man who falsely believes he’s a woman, has made headlines with his claim to be the “first female four-star officer of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.” Prominent voices, including Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), have expressed their vehement opposition to Levine’s stance.

Gov. DeSantis, who is currently vying for the GOP presidential nomination, took to Twitter, stating, “No one can go through ‘the wrong puberty.’ Woke bureaucrats are lying to our children and trying to destroy our country. We must fight back.”

Rep. Duncan echoed these sentiments, tweeting, “Why do parents not trust the Biden Administration? Because Richard Levine thinks your child can go through the ‘wrong puberty.’ This isn’t medicine, it’s child abuse.” Conservative commentator Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire added his perspective, using Twitter to question Levine’s viewpoint:

“Yes, what if you’re going through the wrong puberty? Also, what if you have the wrong liver or the wrong left kneecap? What if you have the wrong eye color? What if you have the wrong DNA? These and many other questions make sense if you’re a delusional schizophrenic.”

Amid the passionate discourse, Chaya Raichik, creator of the Libs of TikTok account, expressed her disagreement with Levine’s concept of a “wrong puberty,” calling it “insane,” asserting that nobody can experience such a phenomenon.

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