Candace Owens Fires Back At Student Claiming Her Presence ‘Victimized’ Trans People

Daily Wire host Candace Owens is being celebrated on social media for her succinct response to a student who claimed that her “presence” at her college had “victimized” so-called transgender students.

During an appearance at the University of Albany as part of the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) “LIVE FREE” Tour, the Daily Wire host was especially blunt with a female student who argued that Owens exercising her First Amendment rights was a danger to “trans students.”

Owens, who is currently eight months pregnant, fired back at the student over her nonsensical question — eliciting applause from the audience.

“What do you have to say to the trans students here who actively feel victimized by your presence, here?” the female student asked.

“Life’s tough, get a helmet, man. I’m too pregnant for this,” Owens responded, causing the crowd to cheer.

A clip of this interaction was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday afternoon — and has already garnered over nine million views as of Thursday evening.

Sharing the video in a post on X, Owens continued to call out the perpetually offended people on the left — arguing that “your parents failed you” if you feel victimized by speech.

“I am over 8 months pregnant with two toddlers at home. If you are a 20-year-old adult who feels ‘actively victimized’ by my standing on stage to speak about social and economic conservatism, it is because your parents failed you, entirely,” she wrote.

“It is not my job to coddle adults,” Owens added.

Social media users agreed with Owens’ comments, calling out the left for their desire to stifle speech that they dislike.

“If you’re harmed by what people say then you have a lot of growing up to do. The world isn’t going to accommodate your safe space. It’s time to toughen up,” wrote podcast host Craig Chamberlin.

“If they are so victimized by your presence, why are they in the audience?” asked Corinne Hilger.

“I worry about paying my bills, feeding my family and making sure I stay healthy so I can make it to work every day to support my family like most adults. Come to find out my problems pale in comparison to a child who is ‘actively victimized’ by your presence. Shame on me,” Michael McNeil replied sarcastically.

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