Biden Authorizes Construction Of Border Wall

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden pledged that “not one more foot of wall” would be built along the southern border. In the wake of unprecedented illegal immigration since taking office, the Biden administration is bending to pressure from Republicans and many Democrats to stop the flood of immigrants illegally entering the country. On October 4, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that he would use his power to circumvent 26 federal laws to jumpstart construction of border walls, fencing, roads, and lighting in multiple areas of the border that have seen the highest levels of illegal immigration on record.

The policy reversal should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Biden’s political career. Until 2014 when former President Donald Trump began to campaign on the issue of border security, Biden had been a staunch supporter of building a wall. Only in the wake of the liberal movement against making America great again did old-school progressives like Biden change their tune.

The American public has been kept largely in the dark about the cost of Biden’s decision on day one of his presidency to halt border wall construction. Hundreds of millions in materials had already been purchased and are now rotting away at the border. A large amount of materials was sold off at pennies on the dollar in a PR move to show liberal voters that Biden was serious about open border policies his party sees as a more humanitarian solution than preventing illegal immigration.

The consequences of the administration’s policies are far-reaching and impossible to fully capture. Splashy headlines often showcase a few of the problems, such as illegal immigrants raping, torturing, and killing American citizens and massive seizures of illegal drugs like fentanyl being brought into the country by the ton, but some issues remain below the radar. The impacts on public education that are forced to deal with an influx of school-age children who do not speak English and are often years behind their American contemporaries may not be fully understood for decades.

Even the billions being spent by “sanctuary city” governments to address the paltry numbers of illegals landing in places like New York City and Washington D.C. account for just a small percentage of the more than 2 million illegals believed to have entered the country this year alone. Violent crime, drug overdoses, and human trafficking arrests have increased in many areas as the Biden administration has stubbornly refused to acknowledge the crisis.

As calls to the Biden administration for help from Democrat leaders of sanctuary cities unable to fund the humanitarian aid they promised have increased, the administration is quietly changing course and building infrastructure along the border that will enable the DHS and the Customs and Border Patrol to put an end to the waves of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. every day.

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