Biden Campaign Seeks Meme Manager To Engage Young Voters As Support Wanes

The Biden for President campaign posted a job listing on May 20 2024 seeking a “Content and Meme Pages Partner Manager” to help win over young voters who are increasingly moving away from supporting the incumbent president. The full-time position based in Wilmington Delaware aims to “initiate and manage day-to-day operations in engaging the internet’s top content and meme pages” according to the job description.

The campaign’s move comes as recent polls show Biden’s approval rating dropping 12 points among voters aged 18-29 over the past two months. A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll in May revealed that while Biden holds a lead over Trump among voters under 35 his support has only gained 1 percentage point since early 2024.

Among the key responsibilities of the meme manager role are cultivating relationships with digital media companies podcasters and meme pages across social media platforms as well as identifying and landing engagement opportunities for the campaign. The Biden team has already embraced some meme culture such as incorporating the “Dark Brandon” meme on their BidenHQ X account and engaging with TikTok videos to appeal to younger Americans.

However young voters are not the only demographic Biden is struggling with as recent polls show Trump doubling his support among Black voters since 2020 and gaining ground with Hispanic voters. The Biden-Harris administration has announced policies aimed at younger voters such as student loan forgiveness and marijuana reclassification but the president’s handling of the Gaza conflict and response to student protests have caused some young progressives to waver in their support.

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