Our Team

Once upon a time, a group of passionate individuals woke up sick and tired of having to sift through thousands of news stories – many completely irrelevant – to figure out what current events really mattered. The result? The formation of a quick-witted team of dedicated individuals who now run Republican Watch.

Our Mission and Purpose

We believe what we do each day matters. We are determined to sift through a myriad of news stories — many presented with unfair bias — to pick out and curate the best of the best. In doing so, we work hard to honor traditional American values, paying respect to law enforcement and our military, to first responders, and to those in other trusted roles.

How do we do this? By making sure we cover all of our bases, of course. Our news and culture reporters pay attention to everything from domestic threats to crime, healthcare, and finances. Our political reporters have their fingers on not just the pulse of our country in Washington, DC, but on what’s happening in the rest of the world as well.

Our Trusted Team

In order to fulfill our mission, we have to trust our team to get the job done — well, accurately, and in a timely manner. Everyone on the Republican Watch crew has years of experience in journalism, editing, or dealing with general news. They serve as touch-points for different sectors of the American public, allowing them to gather unique perspectives as we search for stories that stand to have an impact on different parts of the country.

Don’t Miss Out

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