Soaring Ice Cream Prices In NYC Leave Parents Furious

Parents in New York City are furious over skyrocketing ice cream prices, with some paying as much as “$60” for treats. The rise in costs is attributed to inflation and has left many feeling taken advantage of, particularly in high-traffic areas like Astoria Park in Queens.

Henry Fernandez was shocked when he had to pay $26 for a small sundae and a shake float. “I thought it would be around $8,” Fernandez told the New York Post. “I handed over $20, thinking I’d get change, but then she said it was more. They really got me!”

Another parent was dismayed to find out that a double cone for her 11-year-old daughter cost $10. Alison Bruce experienced a similar shock when she was charged $14 for a waffle cone for her son. The truck added a $0.99 fee for non-cash payments plus tax. “Imagine paying over $60 for ice cream for a family of four. It’s ridiculous,” Bruce said.

The prices were listed on the truck, but they were in small print near the roof, catching many customers by surprise when it was time to pay. Steven Christensen, executive director of the North American Ice Cream Association, suggested that the high prices might be due to strategic business practices in high-demand areas. “When you have a captive audience, prices go up,” he explained to the Post.

Angelina Piro, who works for the ice cream truck, defended the prices, stating, “In the Bronx, you could get a cone for $3, but in a high-traffic area, prices are higher.”

In comparison, Mr. Softee trucks in Union Square and vendors on the Upper West Side and in Downtown Brooklyn sold sundaes and waffle cones for $8 cash, indicating significant price differences across neighborhoods.

While inflation has caused annual price increases of 5-10%, as noted by Christensen, many social media users were unsympathetic, suggesting that the high prices reflect the choices made by voters in recent elections.

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