3.2 Million Illegal Immigrants Encountered In Fiscal Year 2023

Given the Biden administration’s lax border policies, the U.S. is now facing a disastrous immigration crisis, with 3.2 million illegal immigrants encountered at the northern and southern border in fiscal year 2023.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials said the illegal immigrants are traveling to America by freight trains.

In September 2023, CBP reported over 340,000 encounters with illegal immigrants trying to enter the U.S. through the northern and southern border. The agency’s report excluded “gotaways,” meaning illegal immigrants who were able to cross into America scotch-free without apprehension.

From October 2022 through September 2023, CBP officials reported over 3.2 million encounters with illegal immigrants, of which 2.5 million were at the southern border.

In response to the record number of encounters at the southern border, CBP “surged resources and personnel,” according to acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller.

“We are continually engaging with domestic and foreign partners to address historic hemispheric migration, including large migrant groups traveling on freight trains, and to enforce consequences including by preparing for direct repatriations to Venezuela,” Miller said.

“CBP will continue to remain vigilant, making operational adjustments as necessary and enforcing consequences under U.S. immigration law,” he added.

The immigration crisis in America is the fault of President Joe Biden, who overruled all former President Donald Trump’s border policies, which were primarily successful. This unprecedented crisis has affected many cities across the U.S., including Chicago and New York.

Since Jan. 20, 2021, when Biden took office, the U.S. has seen over 6 million illegal immigrants try and enter the country through the southern and northern border.

Due to Biden’s disastrous border policies, CBP has also found a record number of illegal immigrants trying to get into the U.S. on terror watchlists, with 487 being encountered at the northern border and 249 along the southern border, as reported by Just The News.

Despite this, Democrats are calling to take in 1 million Palestinians, an area that predominantly supports Hamas, a terrorist organization, that is brutalizing Israeli women and children amid a war with the Holy Land.

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) recently slammed Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas over the immigration numbers for fiscal year 2023.

“This fiscal year may have ended, but the historic crisis at our Southwest border sparked by Secretary Mayorkas’ policies rages on. These numbers demonstrate beyond a doubt that Secretary Mayorkas’ refusal to enforce the law and secure our border is jeopardizing our safety and security,” Green said.

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