WHO Calls On Countries To Sign New Pandemic Accord

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently called on countries worldwide to sign a new Pandemic Accord in May 2024. Those opposed to the measure claim it would undermine the authority of nation-states to deal with their healthcare crises while allocating massive power to a globalist entity.

To prevent the outbreak of a future pandemic, dozens of former heads of state and diplomats, including the U.K.’s Tony Blair and three ex-presidents of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, signed a letter urging countries to agree to the new accord.

“Establishing a strong global pact on pandemics will protect future generations from a repeat of the millions of deaths and the social and economic devastation which resulted from a lack of collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the letter states.

“All countries need what the accord can offer: the capacity to detect and share pathogens presenting a risk, and timely access to tests, treatments, and vaccines,” it continues.

The authors of the letter claim that officials must act on the accord to avoid being unprepared as the world was during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As countries now enter what should be the final stages of the negotiations, they must ensure that they are agreeing on actions which will do the job required: to prevent and mitigate pandemic threats,” the authors wrote.

“We urge solutions which ensure both speed in reporting and sharing pathogens, and in access — in every country — to sufficient tools like tests and vaccines to protect lives and minimize harm,” they added.

The authors then call on worldwide leaders to cooperate to strike a deal on the accord by May 2024, arguing that a future pandemic could arise and there is no reason not to be ready for it. They continued by blaming “misinformation” and “disinformation” for the reluctance of some U.N. nations to sign the pact.

The writers cited certain “falsehoods” on social media, alleging that the WHO will monitor individuals’ movements by using digital passports and would eliminate countries’ national sovereignty while deploying armed troops to “enforce mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns.”

“All of these claims are wholly false and governments must work to disavow them with clear facts,” the authors continued.

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