Trump Vows To Reinstate Title 42, Attack Child Trafficking

Lynne Patton, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, joined the latest edition of Breitbart News Saturday, reinforcing Trump’s commitment to restore order at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Trump administration, she noted, committed significant energy to combating child trafficking during his tenure.

On day one, should he win the 2024 election, Patton noted that President Trump pledged to reinstate Title 42, a program rescinded by the Biden administration in May after a lengthy legal battle.

Title 42, as per Patton’s articulation, aims to swiftly return migrant children back to their families, curbing the adverse impact of illegal immigration on unaccompanied minors. This swift repatriation would protect them from potential exploitation within the country.

Under Biden, the revocation of Title 42 forced the release of migrant children into the U.S. interior. Critics argue that this policy places these children at risk, making them susceptible to predators. The move wasn’t solely for preventing disease entry, as some suggest. Instead, it offered a deterrent against unsafe migration conditions.

Patton shed light on Trump’s passion for fighting human trafficking during times of severe political tension. “Even in the midst of all that, President Trump was focused on saving children,” Patton said. His commitment to safeguarding children’s rights did not falter even when faced with critical issues like the Mueller report.

Trump’s commitment was evident when he invited Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security special agent, to the White House. Ballard, portrayed by John Caviezel in the film “Sound of Freedom,” was a key figure in combating human trafficking. Upon hearing Ballard’s stories, Trump immediately appointed him to his advisory council to fight human trafficking.

Furthermore, the Trump administration took a strong stance against online platforms promoting illegal activities. The Stop Enabling Traffickers Act of 2018 was one such example. That law was used to shut down the notorious Backpage platform, a hub for illicit activities . This proactive approach showed Trump’s determination to purge society of such illegal acts.

Trump’s proposed policies stand in stark contrast to the Biden administration’s immigration policies. According to Patton, the current administration’s handling of the border crisis has arguably amplified the human trafficking crisis.

Trump, leveraging his campaign’s rigorous approach, proposed an audacious solution. He recently announced that, if elected, he would press Congress to enact legislation ensuring the death penalty for anyone caught trafficking children across the border.

The return of Title 42, part of his policy restoration plan, aims to expedite the expulsion of illegal migrants and facilitate the return of trafficked individuals to their homelands. This move underscores his intent to end the “Biden border nightmare,” as he termed it in a campaign video.

Trump’s stern action plan echoes his prior vows to impose the death penalty for convicted international drug dealers, reinforcing his tough-on-crime stance. His commitment to eradicating heinous crimes aligns with his previous crime control policies, setting the stage for a vigorous and forthright approach to combating human trafficking.

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