The Economist Panics Over ‘Growing Peril’ Of National Conservatism

The left-leaning media outlet, The Economist, recently panicked at conservatism’s growth across America, saying that a “growing peril” of such an ideology is rapidly expanding.

The Economist called on Democrats to stop the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, claiming it is “dangerous.”

Authors of the British newspaper compared conservatism during the 1980s under then-President Ronald Reagan and then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to contemporary conservative politics under Trump.

“Today Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, and a motley crew of Western politicians have demolished that orthodoxy, constructing in its place a statist, ‘anti-woke’ conservatism that puts national sovereignty before the individual,” the authors wrote.

“These national conservatives are increasingly part of a global movement with its own networks of thinkers and leaders bound by a common ideology. They sense that they own conservatism now — and they may be right,” they added.

The article features a red MAGA hat listing multiple countries, saying, “Make America, Hungary, Italy, France, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland great again.”

The Economist claimed that conservatives will soon obtain power by capturing “state institutions, including courts, universities, and the independent press.”

Following the anti-conservative article, Breitbart News highlighted that the authors are unwilling to address the real issues affecting Americans daily, instead choosing to stir hatred against conservatives.

“The piece reads like a call to arms against a movement that seems to grow stronger by the day as people around the world grow fed up with being governed by ideologically driven, progressive globalist elites blithely uninterested in the real problems faced by ordinary people,” Breitbart News wrote.

The article claimed that liberalism is favorable because “it is adaptable” since leftists “can adapt to national conservatism, too,” but as of today, “it is falling behind.”

The newspaper does credit conservatives for their stance on illegal immigration and for fearing that forthcoming generations will suffer economic burdens compared to their parents and grandparents because universities and the mainstream media “have been captured by hostile, illiberal, left-leaning elites.”

Such an article comes as former President Donald Trump is poised to defeat former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) in the upcoming South Carolina Republican presidential primary, likely cementing the former president’s chances of becoming the GOP presidential nominee.

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