Ray Epps Lawsuit Exposes Corporate Media Hypocrisy

Long touted by the corporate establishment media as an “insurrection,” the narrative surrounding the January 6, 2021, events at the U.S. Capitol has suddenly morphed. Driving this change is Ray Epps, a still-mysterious figure who has become the newest darling of the leftist media.

In the aftermath of January 6, the media quickly labeled it a violent riot and insurrection, painting it as a deadly event incited by Trump supporters. However, such claims have been contested by the facts revealed on the fateful day and ever since. The only individuals who tragically lost their lives that day were casualties of police action.

Casting the events in a different light now is Ray Epps. Epps, seen in numerous videos advocating large groups of people to enter the Capitol building, is now the subject of widespread discussion. What piques the public’s curiosity is how Epps’ picture, once prominently displayed on the FBI’s list of wanted individuals following the incident, was quietly removed shortly after he communicated with the FBI.

While Epps remains a free man, other participants of the day’s events have been much less fortunate. Many have endured lengthy imprisonments while awaiting trial or are now convicted felons. Despite Epps having played a more significant role than many of them, as shown in multiple video clips, his experience has been an exception rather than the norm.

However, the mainstream media’s portrayal of Epps is rather different. Portrayed now as a “peacemaker,” Epps has become the left’s pet protester. His attorney, a former high-powered Perkins Coie lawyer now practicing in Wilmington, Delaware, is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson for their coverage of Epps.

Even more bewildering is how the media has softened its language around the January 6 incident. Words such as “insurrection” have given way to “demonstrations” and “protests.” At the same time, Epps is referred to as a “scapegoat” or a “protester.” Any notion of him being a federal agent is dismissed as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

The Epps controversy took another turn when FBI Director Christopher Wray strongly denied allegations that bureau agents were involved in the January 6 violence during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. He refuted that the FBI had prior knowledge of the protests or the storming of the Capitol.

However, when pressed, Wray refused to confirm whether the FBI had informants at the Capitol that day. Wray, appointed by Trump and a registered Republican, claimed this week that the FBI had not been weaponized against conservatives.

Epps’ case, however, starkly contrasts with the FBI’s general stance. If Epps, who was seen encouraging a breach of the Capitol yet never entered it, does not warrant prosecution, then neither should others in a similar situation. The question then remains – why is Epps being treated differently?

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