Newsom Fumbles During Anti-Republican Tour

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) received a cold welcome at the start of his tour against Republican leadership this week.

The California governor is traveling to a number of Republican-run states to criticize policies there. Newsom is focusing on several factors. One is the restriction of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in education.

Newsom framed the restriction of CRT-related and explicit materials in Florida schools under Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as restricting “real history.” The California Democrat also toured New College of Florida, which DeSantis recently revamped.

The so-called “Campaign for Democracy” has a $10 million price tag.

Newsom’s tour also contrasts the difficulties that California has faced over the last several decades. California has seen a major spike in crime since 2020 and consistently leads the nation in the number of people leaving the state.

Conservatives argue that California’s high taxes and restrictive regulations have driven out thousands of residents. Between 2020 and 2022, the state’s population declined by half a million.

Among those leaving the Golden State, Florida is a major target. While California has seen a sharp decrease in population, Florida has gained significantly.

The tour is outwardly against what the governor calls abuse by Republican-led states. However, Republican and Democratic observers alike perceive the effort as laying the potential groundwork for a presidential bid.

President Joe Biden has not formally announced whether or not he would launch another campaign for the White House. While First Lady Jill Biden indicated that the president likely would, it is possible that the 80-year-old would be unable to complete another campaign.

Newsom’s moves come as Biden is reportedly annoyed with Vice President Kamala Harris. The president is apparently concerned that Harris could not beat former President Donald Trump in a general election if she was at the top of the ticket.

Should Biden run again, she is not guaranteed the second slot. If Harris is not the vice presidential nominee, it is possible that Biden would consider Newsom as a replacement.

Regardless of what happens in 2024, the 55-year-old Newsom may be gearing up for the 2028 contest.

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