New York High Schoolers Protest School Bathroom Policy

A group of New York High Schoolers staged a walk-out protest on Monday in response to leftist gender ideology invading their school.

John Jay High School, part of New York’s Wappingers Central School District, allows students to use whatever restroom they prefer, rather than separating students by gender.

Students have expressed discomfort with the rule, but the district remains firm, pointing out that state law requires they allow students to use whichever restroom they choose.

Shauna Neilan, a student at the protest said, “A bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable. We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable.”

A now-deleted petition alleged that a particular male student who used the women’s restrooms was making girls uncomfortable.

District Superintendent Dwight Bonk claimed to be unaware of any incidents involving students who use the incorrect bathrooms.

Upon hearing about the petition and the upcoming protest, the far-left group Defense of Democracy scrambled to organize a counter-protest, gathering a group of adults and a few students to demonstrate in response. They posted a video in which they called students who expressed discomfort bullies and claimed that students who made others uncomfortable were being unfairly targeted.

Defense of Democracy, despite the misleading name, actually has nothing to do with democracy, government or legislation. The group promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in American public schools and libraries, “educates the public” about these issues and promotes themselves in opposition to rival group Moms for Liberty.

John Jay High School, like many schools, has a gender-neutral bathroom available to students of any gender.

In years past, liberal leaders such as former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, (D) pushed for the inclusion of gender-neutral, single-stalled bathrooms in places like schools to allow both inclusivity and safety.

Now, such measures aren’t good enough for the left. They believe that certain children’s comfort should be prioritized over others’, and simple compromises like gender-neutral bathrooms don’t cut it. Which children deserve to feel comfortable and safe? Whichever ones buy into their ideology more, of course.

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