Georgia Senate Moves Forward Anti-Immigration Bills

The Georgia Senate recently took decisive action in response to the tragic murder of innocent 22-year-old Laken Riley, passing historic legislation that will incentivize local governments to identify and deport illegal immigrants in their communities by cutting state aid to those that provide services that prolong the stays of these populations.

Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela on Feb. 22 while jogging at the University of Georgia’s intramural fields of College Station Road in Athens.

USA Today reported the next day, police arrested Jose Antonia Ibarra, 26. Authorities charged Ibarra with felony murder, aggravated assault, battery and kidnapping in connection with Laken’s death.

Her tragic death brightened the spotlight on the dangers posed by illegal immigration. The suspect in Riley’s murder, Jose Ibarra, had been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and New York City police officers on immigration and violent crime charges but was released per Biden administration-advocated policies.

A grief-stricken Jason Riley, Laken’s father, is outraged by the Biden administration’s immigration protocols and is seeking to find some redeeming value in his daughter’s tragic death. Recently, he has worked to advance legislative changes to help ensure others do not share in his pain.

One America News reported that Jason spoke before the Georgia State Senate on Wednesday after lawmakers passed a resolution honoring Laken’s memory.

“I stand before you, a heartbroken man,” Riley said to state senators. “Part of my purpose has been taken. God gave me a beautiful daughter to father, protect, provide for and nurture. A man with an evil heart stole her life. He was in this country and in this state illegally.”

The distraught father called on Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to initiate policy changes, arguing that Ibarra should not have been “set free while his case was investigated” and that America is experiencing an “invasion” of immigrants.

News Nation profiled Riley’s challenge to the governor and legislatures in a video report by News Nation.

Urging lawmakers to take action to protect their constituents, Riley said: “My vision for every senator in this chamber is that you protect citizens from this illegal invasion. Please recognize over a million illegal aliens are in this state and making families nervous.”

On Thursday, Georgia’s Senate moved forward legislation designed to “force local governments to help deport immigrants instead of sheltering them,” according to the Stamford Advocate.

The measure, titled House Bill 301, would cut state aid to counties and cities that provide services for illegal immigrants. The legislation passed 34-18.

Legislatures also passed House Bill 1105, which compels Department of Corrections administrators to require incarceration facilities to verify the immigration status of inmates. This bill targets those who have entered the country illegally with deportation. The legislation passed 34-19.

Both measures passed with bipartisan support, though most Democrats and some Republicans voted against the measures.

State Sen. John Albers (R) said of the measures: “This is a public safety issue, make no mistake, and it deals with criminals.”

Fox News’ Sean Hannity profiled how many are dissatisfied with Biden’s response to Laken Riley’s murder.

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