NATO Chief Says The West Must Prepare For ‘Long War In Ukraine’

Nato Chief Jens Stoltenberg believes the West must prepare for a long war in the Ukraine. He went on to say that he believes Ukraine will join the military alliance.

In a statement made on Sunday, Stoltenberg declared his belief that the war in Ukraine will last longer than expected. He believes this based on his theory that most wars tend to last longer than originally expected.

The overall belief from NATO is that Russia must lay down its arms for there to be peace. The issue with this comes down to more than just who will lay down their arms first.

The fact is that Ukraine does not have the funding they need to keep fighting the war they have entered into with Russia. In fact, it would seem that without funds from other countries, like the United States, Ukraine will not be able to continue.

In a recent budget plan, President Biden stated he wanted to fund Ukraine with $24 billion in addition to the over $75 billion that has already been funded. The main problem with this funding is the damage it is doing to the American people and economy.

Over the last month, the United States has seen several major tragedies in the country. The massive wildfire in Maui that left many dead and thousands with property loss is one of these tragedies.

Another tragedy is in Florida where a devastating hurricane swept through areas like Perry, taking out homes and businesses.

Under normal circumstances, there would be federal funding for the victims of both tragedies. Under the Biden administration, the victims of Maui only received around $750 per household. This is barely enough to cover any damages, much less food and lodging for most families.

Instead of funding Maui and Florida with federal aid, the Biden Administration has chosen to give the majority of the money in the budget to Ukraine and its army. This has opened the eyes of several Americans regarding the priorities of President Biden and his administration.

The obvious choice would be to fund the American people who are experiencing hardship before Ukraine. Entering into peace talks with Russia and Ukraine is an option that former President Trump is considering should he be reelected in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump believes he can bring peace to the area just as he kept peace in the wartorn area until Biden took office.

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