Media Figures Shocked By Trump-Biden Tie In New Poll

Despite the best efforts of Democratic operatives, prosecutors and leftist media pundits, former President Joe Biden continues to dominate the 2024 GOP presidential primary field.

More alarming for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is Trump’s poll numbers in a head-to-head rematch of the 2020 election.

A new Wall Street Journal poll found that Trump and Biden each received support from 46% of respondents. Many of the mainstream media figures who have spent years vilifying Trump are now expressing disbelief that his popularity is on par with the octogenarian incumbent.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said he found it “kind of shocking” that Trump and Biden are tied, citing “all of the baggage” that the former president supposedly brings with him into the race.

Of course, he did not mention Biden’s baggage, which includes persistently low public approval on policy and an overwhelming belief that he is too old to serve another term. In fact, the Wall Street Journal survey determined that two-thirds of voters in Biden’s own party think he is too old.

As for the current administration’s policies, the poll found strong disapproval on issues including the economy, inflation, immigration and China. Nevertheless, Stephanopoulos opted to focus his attention on the four indictments against Trump, which millions of voters across the ideological spectrum believe are politically motivated.

Other media personalities were similarly perplexed by Trump’s appeal among voters, including former Trump administration spokesperson Alyssa Farah Griffin, who is now an anti-Trump panelist on ABC’s “The View.”

“Donald Trump is still polling near 60% in the GOP primary and I’ve been asking myself how is that possible?” she asked. “We’re the party of law and order and I put the blame at the feet of some of the GOP candidates running against him.”

According to the new poll, Trump scored higher than Biden in a number of key categories — including honesty, likability, possessing a vision for the future, mental fitness and having “a strong record of accomplishments as president.”

Although earlier surveys found Trump lagging behind the incumbent, an average of polls compiled by RealClearPolitics showed that Biden’s advantage has diminished to less than one percentage point.

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