Indiana Homeowner Shoots One Burglar Before Confronting Another

An Indianapolis property owner named Alfred Burdine was the unfortunate participant in an unlikely scenario where he was forced to put a stop to two separate burglaries on the same night.

Burdine was driving to work early on March 5 when he noticed a man attempting to leave his property with the generator; so he got out of his car with his firearm and confronted the burglar.

Burdine said the burglar suddenly reached into his pockets and in fear for his life, Burdine fired and hit the burglar.

Describing the incident, Burdine said, “The possibility of him going violent at that time was very high. It’s 4:30 in the morning, nobody around. You’re bold enough to break into my garage, my house, you’re bold enough to do anything. I shot him in the leg to make him stop, and then, I made him lay on the ground until the police came.”

Upon returning from the police station, Burdine discovered another burglar in the act.

Burdine wishes for increased police patrols because of the number of drug addicts and people with mental health problems who are committing crimes. “Since they closed Central State, where do these people have to go?” asked Burdine. “You got people with mental problems; you got drug addicts. Where do you take these people, even if they wanted some help?”

Many citizens are asking these questions as America faces increased crime rates.

Central State was a large mental health facility that was closed in 1994, which left a void in mental health services for central Indiana.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), each year between 500,000 and 3 million citizens protect themselves from criminal acts with the defensive use of a gun. Most of these incidents go unreported so the exact figures are not known. The organization Gun Owners of America estimates that less than 8% of the time, a citizen kills or wounds the attacker. Generally, a would-be attacker will flee from an armed citizen without shots being fired.

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