Haitian Government Collapse Leads To More US Immigration

The failed nation of Haiti, which shares an island with the tiny country of the Dominican Republic, has collapsed into lawless chaos. Prime Minister Ariel Henry has announced he would resign amid a gang takeover of 80% of the country. The turmoil has seen the Haitian leader unable to return from Puerto Rico due to the closure of Haiti’s international airport.

The most powerful man in Haiti at present is a warlord who has the nickname “Barbeque” due to his reputation for burning people alive in their homes. Over 4,000 inmates were released from Haiti’s largest prison during the anarchy that has prevailed.

Swarms of illegal Haitian immigrants are certain to show up at the doorstep of the United States. The adjacent Dominican Republic has deported over 170,000 Haitians in a complete border closing that included the building of a wall in 2022. The Dominicans are not constrained by the liberal politics and complicit judiciary of the United States and can protect their nation against such an invasion.

Immigrants from the third-world nation of 13 million would bring cultural norms to the U.S. that are unsettling. Systematic abuse, torture and kidnapping are another day at the office for Haitian gangs.

And most disturbing of all may be the practice of cannibalism that gangs are said to ritualistically practice against defeated enemies.

There is a fear that many Haitians seeking “asylum” in the United States may actually be gang members fleeing their rivals. The horrific manner in which they conduct warfare against their enemies could be imported into American streets.

President Biden appears to be setting the stage for the mass immigration of these Haitians through the “humanitarian parole program” currently being challenged in federal court. The plan would allow up to 30,000 migrants to be flown into the U.S. each month.

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is mobilizing National Guard resources to defend his state against the incoming surge of Haitians. This includes support for the United States Coast Guard, which is of particular relevance due to the large number of Haitians who will arrive by boat.

“No state has done more to supplement the (under-resourced) U.S. Coast Guard’s interdiction efforts; we cannot have illegal aliens coming to Florida,” Gov. DeSantis said in a statement.

Former President Trump was roundly criticized by the leftist media in 2018 when he referred to Haiti using unsavory language, questioning why the U.S. should be importing such people.

Video and photographic evidence of the current mayhem in Haiti vindicate the former President and have many Americans asking if this contagion should be introduced into their homeland.

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