Gun Owners Choose To Defy New Mexico’s Gun Ban

Gun owners in New Mexico are choosing to defy the governors 30-day ban on firearms. The ban is the result of an emergency order placed by Gov. Michelle Grisham (D) that labeled guns as a health crisis due to recent gun-related deaths.

Recent child related gun violence sparked Grisham to make her controversial emergency ban. The ban states gun owners are prohibited from carrying firearms during the 30-day ban. Grisham also expects law enforcement to arrest and fine those violators of the ban.

The ban has received criticism from constitutional rights activists as well as law enforcement across New Mexico.

On Monday, the Bernalillo Counry Sheriff’s Office made an official announcement regarding the ban. The statement, made by Sheriff John Allen, held a press conference stating his department would reject the gun ban.

Sheriff Allen and many others feel the ban is unconstitutional. A feeling shared by gun rights groups who have already started filing lawsuits against Grisham.

Grisham claimed the emergency ban, labeled as a public health order, will help curb gun violence in the state. Talks had already been underway between Grisham and Sheriff Allen regarding ways to stop the violence. Grisham moved forward with the ban without discussing the option or the responsibilities of law enforcement with Sheriff Allen.

“This order will not do anything to curb gun violence other than punish law-abiding citizens from their constitutional right of self-defense” Allen stated Monday.

In addition to the unconstitutional nature of the gun ban, gun owners are also worried about the danger the ban can cause. This ban is not only punishing responsible gun owners, it is leaving them without a form of self defense in an area that is already seeing high crime rates.

Gun owners and 2nd Amendment activists protested on Sunday. The protest was a mixed bag of issues including citizens concerned for their own public safety.

Gun owners are taking the stand against Grisham saying they will not comply. Criminals who are committing gun violence are not being harmed by this ban.

Grisham wants the criminals committing the gun violence to be brought to justice. This ban, however, only seems to victimize and punish everyone but the criminals.

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